anti-wrinkle, stretch, and moisture-wicking ‘performance fabrics’
anti-wrinkle, stretch, and moisture-wicking ‘performance fabrics’
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How do the pants fit?
Our pants have been reported to be a bit smaller than expected, so if you are unsure it may be a good idea to size up.

Are the pants machine washable?
Yes! All of our garments are machine washable. Be sure to check the corresponding care label for specific instructions.

Are the pants able to hang dry?  
Yes, but NOT in direct sunlight.   

Are the wool pants too hot for summer?
Not at all, the wool blend is breathable and can be comfortably worn at any time of the year- regardless of weather conditions.

Are the 3 Season pants too hot for summer?
To ensure comfort, we
recommend wearing our 3 Season pants for indoor or outdoor activities when temperatures are below 70°F/ 21°C.

Are your jeans made out of denim?
Although they may look like ordinary denim jeans, our products actually fit and feel much more comfortable. We take pride in using only the high quality materials, after personally testing them on our daily commutes to ensure unmatched comfort and performance. Our M1 Jeans are made from an exclusive waterproof Aero-fleece material, while our Traveler Jeans are made from stretchable cotton.

Don’t waterproof pants make you all sweaty?
Some do, but not ours. Our high tech waterproof material is only porous enough to allow the body’s heat to escape from the inside in the form of water vapor, but repel any outer moisture. 

What is a hybrid pant?
The hybrid design refers to the benefits of having pants that look and feel like jeans for commuting, yet are refined enough to be worn with a sport coat in meetings.

What if I can’t find my length? 
If you can’t find your size, please contact us so we can check if we are out of stock or just don’t carry it. We recommend having longer pants hemmed to ensure a perfect fit.     

What is a Gull Wing Gusseted Crotch?
It is a specially designed feature placed on our pants allowing more freedom to stretch and move, preventing active people from embarrassing tears that may otherwise occur. This feature also increases the strength of our seams by more than 50% in comparison to conventional pants.