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How do the pants fit?
For a slimmer, modern fit, order true to size. For a more relaxed fit, order one size up.

Are the pants machine washable?
YES!, all of our garments are machine washable. Follow label instructions.

Are the wool pants too hot for summer?
Not at all, the wool pant is actually a blend that breathes comfortably and can be worn anytime of year in diverse weather conditions. 

Are the 3-season pants too hot for summer?
Not necessarily.  We recommend our 3-season pants at any temperature under 70.   Inside or outside.     

Are your jeans made out of denim?
No, but they feel and fit like jeans.  And have front pockets in the jean style tradition.   They are made out of our waterproof Aerofleece material.

Don’t waterproof pants make you all sweaty?
Some do. Not ours. These are high tech pants that are waterproof, yet breath from the inside out. We know that sounds impossible, but your body heat creates convection that allows the water vapor to escape. Pretty darn cool, huh?

What is a hybrid pant?
The hybrid design can be worn like a pair of jeans (and are comfortable like jeans), yet still is refined enough to be worn with a sport coat in the boardroom.

 How come I can’t find my length? 
We recommend that you have them hemmed to length. Because everyone needs perfect fitting pants.

Is that really Bill Murray wearing your pants golfing? 
Yes.!   He even buys them and doesn't ask us for FREE pairs.    

What is a Gull Wing Gusseted Crotch?
It is special design element placed on our pants to allow for more freedom of movement and protection from “blow-outs” when active people are doing active things. This increases the strength of our seats by 50% than conventional pants.