anti-wrinkle, stretch, and moisture-wicking ‘performance fabrics’
anti-wrinkle, stretch, and moisture-wicking ‘performance fabrics’
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Versatile Pants For Every Traveling Gentleman: Makers and Riders 4-Season Washable Wool Pants

When you live a lifestyle that requires you to always be on the go, you get used to knowing what to pack for a trip. However, even if I’ve been doing it for years, it really never gets easier because of the many factors that I have to prepare for a life on the road.

The destination, the weather, the season, the culture, and many others that factor into what clothes I should bring.

This is why I like investing in quality items of clothing. I’ve discovered one such item recently that will undoubtedly now become a staple in my travels: the Makers and Riders 4-Season Washable Wool Pant.


Why does a traveling gentleman like me love it?

From the first time I got my hands on a pair, I knew that it was a sound investment. Its design can give you a great base for a casual or business outfit. This was perfect for bringing along to ANY kind of trip—be it for pleasure or business, because it can take you to any kind of meeting/event.

The fabric, which is 46% wool, 51% recycled polyester, and 3% spandex, felt like it really could stand the conditions of any season. Not too heavy for heat and not too thin for the cold. The problem with packing for hot seasons and cold seasons is that you naturally have certain pants to accommodate each. With the Makers and Riders 4-season pants, I don’t have to worry about which season I should segregate it in. It can take me from summer to spring to fall and even winter.

Finding a pair of pants like this, that gives you both style and function, is such a gem! I highly recommend it if you’re a jet setter like me who likes quality clothing that can give you such versatility.

What makes these pants a must-have for the traveling gentleman?

Makers and Riders’ 4-Season Washable Wool Pants were designed as a hybrid of traditional jean and refined trouser elements. With fabric that’s an incredible wool/polyester blend and designed with engineered stretch, these pants provide a wrinkle-free, comfortable and attractive option year round.

The manufacturing process that creates these pants doesn’t rely on petroleum, but rather on recycled polyester made from used plastic bottles. Made with a soft hand, it lends a wrinkle-resistant feature on the 4-Season Washable Wool Pant.

This clothing has a 5-pocket design which makes for a lot of storage for items that you carry on the go. These aren’t merely for show, as they are deep pocket bags that allows for safer storage. Definitely a plus to ensure that you won’t get pick pocketed so easily while traveling! This trouser style welts in the rear with internal hand pockets. It also makes use of Makers and Riders’ exclusive designed Gull Wing Gusseted crotch for more freedom of movement. Its Purpose Aggressive Gripper Waistband also assures a non-slipping performance. Rounding out the material are the 7” inch Anti-Sprocket leg openings.

These pants can have two different fits to match your preference. You may opt for the slimmer and modern fit by ordering true to size, or you can get a more modern relaxed fit by ordering one size up.

Excited to get your own?

To get this must-have piece for every traveling gentleman, go to Makers and Riders’ website to purchase these highly recommended pants. With a price of $119, I’d say it’s quite a great bargain considering all the features that come with it.

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